How Technology has Made Significant Changes in the Fashion Industry

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The Importance of Technology in fashion

We are living in a time of great promise in terms of new ideas and innovation. Technology has paved the way for many areas to grow and one of those areas is the fashion industry. With the changes that technology provides, fashion is becoming convenient. As a matter of fact, fashion accessories are now equipped with state of the art technology that makes life easier and stylish. There are no limits for technology, and this has brought about a revolution in the fashion industry in the following ways.

smart watches

7 Ways Technology Has Made Significant Changes in the Fashion Industry


Platforms for Crowdfunding like Kickstarter have given startups a new outlet enabling their creations to break ground. From a stylish new backpack or a clever design for a wallet, there are many successfully funded products pointing to significant niches overlooked by existing manufacturing powers. Some of the brands on Kickstarter have by-passed the cartel-like approach by the fashion industry to programmed obsolescence and given consumers value-added propositions such as quality selvage denim or the 10-Year Hoodie.


Even though there have been important strides in recent years, tech companies are still cautious about doing fashion. Many tech devices are aesthetically pleasing as tech devices but not in terms of beauty fashion-wise. More designers are lending their aesthetic talents to established gadgets, developing collaborative combinations such as the Tory Burch Fitbit or Stella Audio speakers on a Rebecca Minkoff Clutch.

Fashion Recognition Apps

Have ever seen a perfect dress or coat on someone on Instagram or on the street and wished you could locate the same one with an app? This is the inspiration behind fashion recognition appsOpens in a new tab., which will try to take images and look through the internet for the said article of clothing. Though these apps have encountered lots of challenges technically, the overall outcome could be very helpful for shoppers and become a valuable tool for the purpose of curatorial impulses.

The Miracle Dress Shirt

From stain-resistant shirts to repel spills, shirts that stretch with the body’s movements while directing moisture and heat away from it, to shirts that iron themselves with body heat, textile technology has made all these features a reality. They are making every day wear lower maintenance, more comfortable and flexible.


These inventions promise to save us from constantly checking and swiping through our phones. They range from Bluetooth-enabled rings, smart watches and heads-up displays and brainstorming is still underway to create innovative devices that mesh fashion, everyday existence, and our digital lives into one.

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Smart Clothes

From LED-lit clothes that change color, biometric clothes that track vitals during your workout, clothes with trackers so you never lose them again, to solar-powered fabric to charge your devices as you enjoy the sunshine. There is more to come in terms of convergence between fabric and electronics with the increase in digital omnipresence.

3D Printing

This technology allows one to make copies out of almost anything tangible and its application goes beyond sculptural and latticework jewelry of some designers. With some tweaking, ill-fitting clothes and boxy shoes will be a thing of the past as we embrace perfectly-fitting gloves and shoes.

The Use of Technology in Garment Production

The twentieth century saw the growth in garment production. Computer-aided manufacturing or CAM has changed the process of manufacturing and designing garments. This is made possible by reducing the labor-intensive process, cutting down cost, and increasing accuracy and speed. By using Cam, it is possible for garments to be developed from sketch to pattern and cutting in a short span of time. This allows fashion businesses to save time and money. Here is a video about how the technology works in garment production.

✅ Video Demo

3 Kinds of High Tech Fashion Accessories to Watch Out For

Connected Jewellery

Technology is now associated with fashion accessories. Wearable accessories like watches are now connected to the internet. These so-called smartwatches can connect to your phone as well. In addition, there are lightning cable bracelets that can be converted into a USB connector to sync and charge your iPhone.

Novel Fabrics

Novel fabrics are now introduced in the market. These kinds of fabric are made of next-generation materials that are used in fashion. For instance, there are companies that hack the biology with the cells to create leather materials that are grown in laboratories without causing any harm to the animals. Also, innovations are made to produce super-strong spider silk that can be used for clothing.

Scanning Technology

You can now personalize your wardrobe by using 3D scanning technologyOpens in a new tab.. Specific clothes are made to measure the size of the wearer. By using the size, specific design, styles, and brands will be provided to you. 3D scanning for virtual try-on like smart leggings is now available.

High Tech Fashion to Cater Your Lifestyle

To make things convenient, high tech fashion is now manufactured. For instance, garments with pockets for mobile phones, jackets that have connections for music players and stylish laptop bags are now sold in the market. Smart fashion accessories like watched with communication systems, bracelets with global positioning systems and wearable body sensors are also available. Below is a video guide about the different kinds of futuristic clothing technology that you can purchase.

✅ Video Guide


Are Smart Accessories Affordable?

It depends on the brand and features of the accessory. There are brands that are affordable while some are expensive.

Where Can I Purchase High Tech Fashion Garments?

You can check out your local store. On the other hand, if you want a wide array of options, you can always search online for shops that sell and shop products to your home.

Are Wearable Technologies Safe?

Yes, wearable technologies are safe. They undergo different test levels to make sure that they are safe before they are launched in the market.

The End

Thank you for reading this post. Throughout the years, technology has enhanced fashion. Consumers can choose from a wide array of products that are available in the market. Technology has made fashion stylish, convenient and comfortable. If you are into fashion, visit online fashion stores and look for the best products that you can purchase.

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