Guide to Using Water Instead of Toilet Paper

guide to using water instead of toilet paper

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This post talks about water as an alternative to toilet paper. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, people are stocking up on their groceries and household items to avoid going out. As a result, several items are out of stock, and one of them is toilet paper. Finding a roll of toilet paper is not that easy at the moment.

So, what do you do if you run out of toilet paper? What is the best alternative that you can use? One of the best options is water, mainly because you have easy access to it. Using water is also considered the simplest way to clean your butt. Moreover, as compared to other alternatives, using water is cheaper and more hygienic.

If you have run out of toilet paper and there is nowhere else to buy, there is no need to panic. We have provided a few tips on how to use water as an alternative to toilet paper. There are different methods of cleaning yourself using water. Below is an overview of the various methods that you can use.

guide to using water instead of toilet paper
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Use a Bidet

The bidet is a toilet that features an extendable wand or arm that comes out at the touch of a button and is a great alternative to toilet paper.Opens in a new tab. It will squirt warm and clean water. Some models come with remote controls, while others have a blast of warm air to dry you off.

Bidets have a small nozzleOpens in a new tab. located at the center rear of the toilet, aiming at the anus. You can control the nozzle using the small tap placed within hands reach near the toilet.

You can have a bidet installed at your home. They can be a bit expensive, but you can also choose to add a bidet-like function to your existing toilet rather than purchasing a new one.

✅ Video – Cheapest, Cleanest, Most Minimal No-Toilet Paper System

The video below is a discussion about a no-toilet paper system. According to the video’s sharer, it is the cheapest and cleanest way to use the toilet. She demonstrates how to use the bidet after using the toilet. If you are running out of toilet paper and searching for other alternatives, watch the video for more tips and information on how to use a bidet.

Invest in Toilet Showers

The toilet showerOpens in a new tab. is another alternative for toilet paper. It is otherwise known as the health faucet, the bidet shower, or the bum gun. Toilet showers are located on the right side of the toilet, where it is easy to reach.

Toilet showers are more convenient because when you squeeze the triggerOpens in a new tab., a high-pressure jet of water comes out, directed to where you need it. Moreover, you can adjust the water pressure. They are hygienic because there is no need to use your hands to clean.

You can install a bidet shower in your toilet. Ask your contractor about the best kind of bidet shower that would suit the features and structure of your existing toilet.

The Water Bottle Method

Another method that you can do when you run out of toilet paper is to use water bottles. It is a simple way to clean your butt. A 500 ml bottle is enough for cleaning. You can also use this method when you are using public toilets. Water bottles are readily available, and you can always carry one with you.

Using your non-dominant hand, clean your butt thoroughly. Afterward, wash your hands with soap and water. For extra safety, you can also practice the habit of not touching food with your non-dominant hand.

The bottle water methodOpens in a new tab. is also great for emergencies like going to a public restroom, and there is no toilet paper available. If you are carrying a water bottle in your bag, you can use that to clean yourself.

✅ Video – Easy DIY Squirt Bottle in 2 Minutes

In the video below, you can watch a demonstration on how to do a DIY squirt bottle. An ordinary bottle is used for the tutorial. You need to poke a hole under the cap of the bottle. Make sure that you poke a hole at an angle so that the water will squirt upwards when you turn the bottle upside down. It is a great solution if you are running out of toilet paper at home or traveling. Check out the video for the DIY tutorial.

The Lota

This water vessel resembles a teapot with its elegant handle and spout. The lotaOpens in a new tab. is traditionally made from polished copper or brass but is now made in plastic. It is a great alternative if there is no toilet paper available.

Use the lota, hold it on its handle, and point it towards your bottom to clean yourself. It is a more convenient alternativeOpens in a new tab. as compared to a water bottle because it has a handle.

You can purchase a lota from online stores. There are many styles and colors that you can choose from. You can choose from a wide range of available prices. Use it temporarily while toilet paper is out of stock.

Introducing The Tabo

The taboOpens in a new tab. is a small plastic cup used to scoop water. It is commonly used in the Philippines and is traditionally made from coconut and bamboo. Now, the tabo is made from plastic.

The tabo has a handle and often comes with a bucket of waterOpens in a new tab.. Using the tabo, pour water over your bottom until you are satisfied that it is clean. As compared to a toilet shower, there is less pressure coming from the tabo, and you will be required to touch your bottom to clean it. Make sure that you wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet.

You can create a tabo by using a cup or any item with a handle. Make sure that you have a bucket with enough water to use. The tabo is a great alternative to cleaning yourself if there is no toilet paper available.

✅ Video – How to Use a Tabo

In the video below, the many uses of tabo are discussed. A tabo is used to scoop water when taking a bath. It is a necessary item in any Filipino bathroom. The tabo is also used as a substitute for toilet paper. For more information about the many uses of the tabo and how it makes a great substitute for toilet paper, watch the video below.

✅ Video – I Use Tabo | “Swalla” Jason Derulo Filipino Parody

Below is a Filipino parody of Jason Derulo’s song, which shows the importance of using the tabo for Filipinos. The tabo, also called a dipper, is an essential item found in every Filipino home. It is used in all kinds of household chores for scooping water. A tabo is vital in a Filipino bathroom because it is used as an alternative to toilet paper. Watch the video below, sing along, and have fun while learning about the tabo.

Related Questions

Why Use Water?

The cheapest and safest alternative to cleaning your bottom is using plain waterOpens in a new tab.. It is also hygienic because water will thoroughly remove all poop residues from your butt. If you are worried about touching the poop, you can add soap to the water, but it is not essential.

Using other alternatives like paper and cloth and flushing them down the drain can clog your toilet. Moreover, it can also cause a sewage problem. Water is also readily available, and you do not have to search the whole house to look for something to wipe your bottom.

Is It Hygienic?

Yes, using water to wash your bottom is hygienicOpens in a new tab.. Not only that, but it is also gentler to use water than toilet paper. Using water creates less friction against the skin. No matter how soft the toilet paper is, you still need to scrub it against your anus, and it can cause friction that can harm your anus. Moreover, wiping your bottom with toilet paper will not clean the area well, and there is still some poop residue in there.

Is It Better to Wipe or Wash?

According to Dr. Evan Goldstein, a rectal surgeon in New York CityOpens in a new tab., washing with water is the ideal way to clean after using the bathroom. He explained that wiping your bottom using toilet paper can cause injury. According to him, the skin on the anus is delicate and thin. Also, toilet paper can be abrasive, and wiping many times can lead to painful tears and bleeding. Water is gentler and will thoroughly clean your bottom.


Water is not only a simple and easy way to clean your bottom, but it is also more hygienic. So if you found yourself running out of toilet paper, there is no need to run into the nearest store. Also, if toilet paper runs out of stock, there is no need to panic. Cleaning your bottom using water can be uncomfortable at first, especially if you lived your whole life using toilet paper.

However, many people from many countries are doing it, and eventually, you will get used to it as well. Besides, this is just a temporary solution until toilet papers are in stock again. Thank you for reading!

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