What is the Difference between a Slim and Pencil Christmas Tree?

What is the Difference between a Slim and Pencil Christmas Tree?

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In this post, we will talk about the difference between a slim tree and a pencil tree. A huge Christmas tree provides an impressive display, but it is best to choose slim or pencil Christmas trees if you have limited space at home.  These trees are narrower, so they take up less space. They are ideal for hallways, corners, behind couches, and doorways. However, you might be wondering what makes both trees different from each other. We will discuss the answer below.

What is the difference between a slim and pencil Christmas tree? The slim Christmas tree is half the size of the full one. If the slim Christmas tree measures 7 feet tall, it usually measures less than 47 inches in diameter. On the other hand, the pencil Christmas tree is narrower than the slim tree, making it the slimmest artificial tree. If the pencil Christmas tree measures 7 feet tall, it is usually 60% smaller or measures 19 to 23 inches in diameter.

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What is a slim Christmas tree? What is a pencil Christmas tree? Is there a cost difference between the two? These are some of the questions that we will talk about in this article. If you want to find out more about the topic, you can check out the rest of the article below.

What is the Difference between a Slim and Pencil Christmas Tree?

What is a Slim Christmas Tree?

Slim Christmas trees have a smaller diameter at the base and are also thinner. They usually have a base diameter that ranges from 29 to 40 inches, depending on the tree’s height. They are the ideal choice for decorating rooms with limited floor space. The size of the tree is perfect for small to medium-sized living rooms.

Slim Christmas trees also make a nice second tree in a formal dining room as it adds beauty and festivity. You can also display the tree is entryways. The slim profile of the trees makes them ideal for small apartments or even dormitories. They are also cost-effective as they require fewer lights and ornaments. Not only will you be able to save floor space, but you can also save on your decorating budget. You can choose a slim tree with lush foliage for decorating purposes.

What is a Pencil Christmas Tree?

As we have mentioned earlier, pencil Christmas trees are narrower as compared to slim trees. If you think that slim trees will save you precious floor space, then wait until you check out pencil Christmas trees. They are considered the slimmest artificial tree. You can find a wide array of pencil Christmas trees in different heights, colors, and styles.

A flocked or pre-lit pencil Christmas tree is ideal for narrow and tight spaces like apartments, studios, and entryways as they bring a holiday cheer and glow of festivity. Pencil Christmas trees are easy to clean and decorate. These artificial trees have a pencil silhouette that works perfectly for nooks or even on study areas and kids’ rooms. You can display a pair of pencil Christmas trees at the sides of your fireplace mantel, hallway, or foyer.

What is the Cost Difference between a Pencil and Slim Christmas Tree?

The cost will vary depending on a lot of factors. Some pencil Christmas tree will cost more as compared to a slim one and vice versa. A tree that has more branches, lights, and other components will cost more. Take note that a pre-lit and pre-decorated tree is more expensive than the one without lights and decoration.

When choosing a slim or pencil tree that suits your budget, it is best to consider all the features you would like to have for your tree. Think about the light count, branch material, size, color, and lights included in the tree. Flocked Christmas trees are ideal for a winter wonderland theme, and they also add more volume to the tree, but they cost more.

How do I Find Out if the Christmas Tree is Slim or Pencil?

You can determine if the Christmas tree is pencil or slim by looking at the specs and measurements. Most online shopping sites will mention the size, design, and shape of the tree. They will also list the height and base diameter of the tree. Consider these two measurements when choosing a tree that is right for your home.

Pre-Lit Slim and Pencil Artificial Christmas Trees

Create a stunning display without exerting much effort into decorating by choosing a pre-lit slim or pencil artificial Christmas trees. You can choose from different lighting options that range from classic clear lights to multi-color and color-changing LEDs. If you look online, you can find a wide array of choices that you can choose from.

Pre-lit Christmas trees are ideal for those who would like to have a bright and festive display but do not have to exert much effort in decorating the tree. A pre-lit Christmas tree will save you from the tangles of light strands when decorating. You can choose from different light counts that are available. Some light options include incandescent, LED, and fluorescent. In a single plug, your pre-lit Christmas tree will shine bright.

Decorating Ideas for Slim and Pencil Christmas Trees

When decorating a slim or pencil Christmas tree, you first need to decide on the theme you would like to have. By doing this, you can plant the ornaments and decors that you need to purchase or make. It is best to stick to light decorations because the tree’s size is narrower and does not need many ornaments. You can use ribbons and small decors to embellish slim and pencil Christmas trees.

You can also decorate using tree garland and other lightweight ornaments. You can choose a flocked slim or pencil Christmas tree if you are looking for a fuller look but would still want to save floor space. You can finish the look with a Christmas tree skirt that will complement the theme of the tree. You can check out this article that we have written about Christmas tree skirt ideas for some of the best choices that you can have.

Go for a rustic or minimalist look by leaving the tree bare. You can then add a wicker basket or a Christmas tree collar at the base of the tree. For a snowy theme, you can use a flocked tree or decorate a green one with snowflake ornaments. You can check online for more ideas and themes that you can incorporate into your tree this Christmas. For a rustic look, you can check out this article that we have written about Christmas tree collars. We have shared a wide array of designs and materials that you can choose from.

✅ Video – Pencil Christmas Tree Decorating

My DIY shared the video below on YouTube. It shows how to decorate a pencil Christmas tree. The tree that is using is a 7-foot artificial pencil Christmas tree. She also shows how to decorate and add a faux fur ribbon into the tree. You can check out the video for more tips and ideas.

Related Questions

What Size of Christmas Tree is Right for Me?

To find out which size of the Christmas tree is right for you, you need to measure the space of your home. Choose the spot where you would like to place the tree and measure the floor space. Decide if that space will fit the diameter of the tree that you would like to have. Make sure that there is enough space around the tree to move around. You also need to measure the space between the floor and ceiling. Leave enough space between the top of the tree and the ceiling for the tree topper.

You can also check out this article about the most popular size of Christmas tree. We have shared information that can help you decide on the size of three right for you.

How do I Make My Tree Look Fuller?

You can make the tree look fuller by fluffing up the branches. Take note that skimpy branches are the first signs of a fake Christmas tree. If you want your face tree to appear real, then you need to make it look fuller. You can also add as many ornaments as you like to cover spaces between the tree branches. It is a good idea to wrap garlands around the tree for a wider effect. You can also spray it with face snow to achieve a full look, or better yet, you can purchase a flocked tree.

Should I Choose a Slim or Pencil Christmas Tree?

It is all up to your preference. Both trees are narrower as compared to a full tree, and they are your best options when it comes to saving space. Consider how wide your space is. A slim Christmas tree is ideal for narrow spaces, but if you want to decorate a corner in your house where space is minimal, you can use a pencil Christmas tree. Check online stores for some of the best options that you can have.


We hope that this article helped you learn more about the difference between a slim and pencil tree. While both trees are considered slim, the pencil tree is the slimmest artificial tree available. They are ideal for decorating rooms where floor space is limited as they do not take up much room compared to a full Christmas tree.

If you are interested in purchasing a pre-lit slim or pencil Christmas tree, you can check out the link at the top of this post for some of the best products you can purchase. Thank you for reading, and have a happy holiday!

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