When Should You Wear Compression Arm Sleeves?

When Should You Wear Compression Arm Sleeves

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If you’ve been seeing more and more people wearing compression arm sleeves while exercising at the gym, when shooting a ball or swinging a club, when getting out from their doctor’s clinic, when recuperating at home after surgery, you might ask when you should wear compression arm sleeves? There are various situations in which you may need or advised to wear compression arm sleeves.

When should you wear compression arm sleeves? There are several situations and reasons why you should wear one. These instances include sporting events like running, biking, and basketball or suffering from medical conditions such as lymphedema, tendonitis, and pain of injury. You may also need to wear compression arm sleeves to aid in weight loss and post-surgery recuperation.

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Hence, there are several reasons why you should wear compression arm sleeves. Read on to find out why you should wear compression arm sleeves when you participate at sporting events when you are suffering from certain medical conditions, trying to shed off some weight, and recuperating from a recent surgery.

When Should You Wear Compression Arm Sleeves

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Disclaimer: Compression garments with compression grades of 20 mmHg or higher need to be prescribed by a physician as they are commonly used to treat various medical conditions. On the other hand, compression garments with low compression levels can be purchased without a prescription at medical supply stores, drugstores, and online. They are called non-medical grade compression garments and have compression levels of around 15-20 mmHg.

Compression Arm Sleeves at Sporting Events

You might have noticed that the majority of people you see wearing compression arm sleeves are those who are participating in sporting events. These kinds of sports mostly involve mobility of the upper extremities and dexterity of the arms to pass the ball, balance the body’s weight when running, and swinging the club.


Runners wear compression arm sleeves because the sleeves’ fabric is scientifically developed to maintain a consistent and tolerable level of temperature and moisture present in the skin.

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In this video published by Richard Gonzales on Youtube, he explains how to use compression arm sleeves, the benefits of using them, and how not to use them. Watch the video for more information.

Basketball players

Basketball players are known to wear compression arm sleeves more often than other athletes. Also called as basketball shooting sleeves, players wear one because these sleeves are proven to provide mild compression on the forearms that help basketball players in keeping their shooting arm warm and is best in improving blood circulation.


Golfers wear compression arm sleeves too. Since golf is a sport that mostly uses the power of the arms to swing the club, a golfer’s arms must be at its best condition. Through compression arm sleeves, a golfer’s arms are kept relaxed, firm, and refreshed. 

Compression Arm Sleeves to Address Medical Conditions

Since the primary function compression sleeves are to enhance blood circulation in the surrounding area they are wrapped, many medical doctors advise patients suffering from certain medical conditions to apply mild compression in the area of their arms.


One medical condition that benefits from compression arm sleeves are lymphedema. Lymphedema is a condition in which lymph fluids do not efficiently travel from the lymph nodes located on our neck to other parts of the body via the bloodstream. By using compression arm sleeves around the forearm, blood circulation improves to enable the optimum function of the lymphatic system.

✅ Video- Lymphoedema and compression garments – Macmillan Cancer Support

Below is a video from Youtube published by Macmillan Cancer Support. In this video, Yolande Borthwick provides tips on managing lymphoedema and explains how to use compression garments. Watch the video to get in-depth information about the use of compression arm sleeves in treating lymphedema.


Tendinitis or tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon due to overuse, injury, or an accident. Tendonitis often affects the wrist, elbow, knees, fingers, and thighs. Compression arm sleeves alleviate these pain by the pressure it puts on the source of the pain. By facilitating increased blood flow in the surrounding area, a compression arm sleeve can also reduce cramping and help with nerve sensitivity.

Pain from Injury

Compression arm sleeves can also address the pain of arm injury. An injury of the arm can be one of the most debilitating bodily malfunction one can have. To reduce the pain, compression arm sleeves can be worn to put pressure on the pain source. The mild pressure increases the blood flow to the area, and its tight fit significantly supports that bones and the muscles of the arms.

Compression Arm Sleeves Reduce the Pain of a Post-Surgery Operation

Recuperating from a surgery of the arm, neck, or elbow can take some time to finish. In most cases, the post-surgery can be extremely painful as the effects of medications subside, and the body begins its healing process. Compression arm sleeves help reduce such pain through the pressure it provides to the muscles.

Speed Up the Resolution of Swelling

One great thing that compression arm sleeves provide is it helps expedite the resolution of swelling. If you have a major arm surgery, you will have to ensure the swelling pain while the body does its job to heal the damaged muscles and tissues. As the cloth wraps around the area, swelling is prevented, and muscles are relaxed.

Maintain Arms Stability

Compression arm sleeves help to maintain arms stability. After an operation, your doctor would have certainly advised you to reduce the movements of your arms. What better way to achieve this than by wrapping a compression sleeve around your arms. It keeps the arm in place and prevents sudden movements that can cause pain and more damage.

Ensure Optimal Blood Flow

An important thing to maintain after surgery is proper blood circulation and body temperature, which the body needs to recover quickly. Wearing compression arm sleeves ensures optimal blood flow on the forearms, allowing the body to regulate its overall temperature easily. The specially designed fabric wrapped around the arms allows the skin to breathe and regulate moisture that adapts to temperature and humidity changes.

✅ Video- How to Put On Your Medical Compression Sleeve

The video below published on Youtube by Cancer Mom explains how to put on a medical-grade compression sleeve in very simple terms. When wearing one, make sure to smooth it out to eliminate wrinkles and see that it doesn’t roll down. Watch the video to learn more.

Compression Arm Sleeves Aids in Losing Weight

Losing weight is not an easy business. To achieve this goal, every individual finds ways to expedite the process of weight loss by using different kinds of equipment and accessories. Nowadays, compression arm sleeves are gaining popularity as one of the natural ways to shed off those unwanted fats.

Compression arm sleeves help reduce flabby arms. The mild to strong compression these sleeves provide on both arms and the back. This action helps smoothen and tightens the bulges and bumps on the lower muscles of the upper arm or triceps. Consistent compression in this area can help hide back rolls and reducing the arms flabbiness.

You can check out this article titled, do arm compression sleeves work for flabby arms, to find out more about the topic. We have shared helpful information that can help you in your research about arm compression sleeves.

✅ Video- How to Avoid Loose Skin During – After Weight Loss/ No Loose Skin

If you want to lose weight without dealing with loose skin, this video on Youtube from 100lbs. Later gives tips on how to do so. Watch the full length of the video to learn more about the tricks.

Wearing compression arm sleeves also tightens the muscles of the arms. If your weight loss exercises involve targeting muscles on the arms, the compression that arm sleeves provide makes the workout easier to perform. A tightened arm muscle is a pre-requisite to removing excess fats from the upper extremities of the body.

Check out this article about “do compression sleeves tone arms?” for more information about the topic. We have discussed the different ways of how the sleeves can help in toning the arms.

Another attendant benefit of wearing compression arm sleeves during exercise is its capacity to make you sweat more. The tightness of the fabric on your arms, combined with the strenuous movements you make during exercise, allows your body to burn more calories and with it those excess fats.

Related Questions

How long Can I Wear Compression Arm Sleeves?

Buy at least a couple of compression arm sleeves so you can alternate the pair for washing. Usually, compression arm sleeves need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months. The reason is that they will eventually lose their natural stretchability and elasticity with everyday usage. If you are using the compression arm sleeve to treat lymphedema, consult your therapist if you need to wear gloves or a gauntlet on your hand as well.

Can I Wear Compression Arm Sleeves While Sleeping?

The answer is No. If you are a generally healthy individual, there is no need to wear these sleeves to bed. For lymphedema patients, it is important to ask their therapists regarding this matter. The main reason it is not advisable to wear compression sleeves to bed is if the compression level is too high and you are not awake to adjust your body to the tension, you will wake up suffering from cramps as blood flow is restricted by the sleeves when you’re asleep. We have also shared this article that talks about how to use an arm shaper. If it is your first time wearing one, you can check out the articles for tips and information.

Should I Shop Online or at Physical Shops?

When it comes to shopping for compression arm sleeves, it is wiser to shop and purchase at physical stores. The reason is that at physical stores, you have the luxury of time and the opportunity to try different materials by fitting them on your arms. For sports apparel that does not come cheap, you must get the best fit to allow the material to serve its purpose. Shopping online may be quick and easy, but it does not provide the chance to fit the sleeve right on your arm. For an arm sleeve that you can wear for weight loss, you can check out this article about the best neoprene arm sleeves.


You have reached the end of this article, searching for an answer when you should wear arm compression sleeves. We hope that this article helped you understand the different circumstances when you should wear compression arm sleeves. Whether you wear the compression arm sleeve at a sporting event, for medical reasons, to help you lose weight, or assist you in your recuperation process, you must get the best piece at a very reasonable price and the best quality available.

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