21 Yellow Christmas Decorating Ideas – Create a Warm and Sunny Theme for Your Home

Are you thinking of having a yellow Christmas theme this year? Yellow is a bright color that will definitely light-up your home. It will bring a warm and festive ambiance that radiates all throughout the rooms in your house. There are many yellow Christmas decorations that are available online. From Christmas stocking to Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas lights, you can purchase them in bright and sunny yellow. You can even mix and match various colors with yellow to create a unique Christmas theme.


Here are yellow Christmas decorating ideas to help you get started. Think about the rooms in your property that need to be decorated and carefully plan the look that you want to achieve. You also need to consider your outdoor area. You can light up your property with yellow Christmas lights for a stunning nighttime display. Make a list of the things that you need to purchase especially if you are working on a budget.

If you’re curious, or in a hurry:

This specific yellow Christmas decoration is one of the most popular.


Discover the joy of decorating your property with a yellow Christmas theme that will definitely create a merry and festive atmosphere. Read the rest of the post below for more tips and ideas.

1. Yellow Christmas Lights

Yellow is a bright color that you can use as a motif this Christmas. Decorate your house with yellow mini string lights. The light is 50 feet long and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Light-up your lawn by hanging yellow Christmas lights on the trees. You can also wrap the lights on the trunks of the trees for a glowing nighttime display.

Click here for the yellow Christmas lights

✅ Video Tutorial

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to hang exterior Christmas lights properly.

2. Yellow Mini Christmas Lights

Use yellow fairy string lights on your Christmas tree for a glowing effect. While the lights are enclosed in mini bulbs, it will brighten up any area in your property. The lights are equipped with a control box that has 8 lighting modes which include in waves, sequential, steady on, chasing, flash, twinkle, slow fade, and slow glow.

Click here for the yellow mini Christmas lights

3. Yellow Christmas Tree Lights

Decorate your Christmas tree with yellow lights to make it glow in the dark. This traditional mini light is 11 feet long and has a stackable fused plug with 2 extra and 3 Amp fuses. It is a popular lighting option for both commercial and residential Christmas trees. Make sure that your Christmas tree is glowing brightly during the night by adding yellow lights.

Click here for the yellow Christmas tree lights

4. Yellow C9 Christmas Lights

The traditional yellow C9 Christmas lights will remind you of the old fashioned type of Christmas lighting that is reminiscent of the 1950’s holiday decorations. You can use this kind of Christmas lights indoors and outdoors. Every bulb has 3,000 hours lifespan and will fit into any C9 or E17 socket base. You can hang the yellow C9 lights on your rooftop or windows.

Click here for the yellow C9 Christmas lights

5. Yellow LED Christmas Lights

LED is a popular lighting choice because it is safe and energy-efficient. Yellow LED Christmas lights are the best choice to use for lighting your outdoor displays. Make sure that your inflatable snowman and inflatable Minnie Mouse displays are visible during the night by adding bright yellow LED Christmas lights.

Click here for the yellow LED Christmas lights

6. Green and Yellow Christmas Lights

The green and yellow LED Christmas mini light set is shaped like a mini strawberry. Each mini light set is made with a commercial grade non-removable bulb that can help in cutting down defects and give you many years of use. Decorate your lawn using the green and yellow Christmas lights. Along with white Christmas lights, you can also use it to brighten up your pathway during the night.

Click here for the green and yellow Christmas lights

✅ Video Tutorial

Check out the video below for tips and ideas on how to decorate your outdoor using Christmas lights.

7. Blue and Yellow Christmas Lights

For a relaxing and dreamy effect, use blue and yellow Christmas lights. The brightness of the color yellow and darkness of the color blue contrasts with each other which creates a dreamy ambiance. Use the lights on your patio, pathways, and garden. The blue and yellow Christmas lights will also look great in your pool area. Read this article about blue Christmas decorating ideas for more tips and information.

Click here for the blue and yellow Christmas lights

8. Yellow Christmas Tree

Create a stunning yellow-themed Christmas tree this year. Brighten up your tree with yellow Christmas ball and yellow bows. The bow serves as the Christmas tree topper. The color yellow will brighten up any room. You can add extra glow into the tree by adding yellow-colored Christmas lights.

Click here for the yellow Christmas tree bow topper

9. Black and Yellow Christmas Tree

Most people are hesitant to choose the color black for their Christmas tree because they think that the color does not really suit the festive season. On the other hand, black and yellow are a great color motif for a Christmas tree. Decorate a black Christmas tree with yellow ornaments and yellow lights for a stunning and elegant look.

Click here for the black Christmas tree with clear lights

10. Yellow Christmas Ornament

The yellow wicker rattan balls are a great addition to your Christmas decorations. They are made of natural rattan materials and come in a set of 10 pieces. The balls are handmade so they have different sizes and shape deviations. You can hang them on the wall, add to your garland, or display them on your tree. The balls will also make a great table centerpiece when paired with a Christmas tablecloth.

Click here for the yellow wicker rattan balls Christmas ornament

✅ Video Guide

Check out the video below for some tips and ideas on how to decorate and create a yellow Christmas theme for your house.

11. Yellow Lab Christmas Ornament

This cute yellow lab Christmas ornament for the pop-up Christmas tree is handcrafted in an age-old tradition. It is made from molten glass that is mouth-blown into finely carved molds. The ornament is hand-painted and glittered to achieve a beautiful display. Hang this on your Christmas tree for a cute accent that will stand out.

Click here for the yellow lab Christmas ornament

12. Yellow Submarine Christmas Ornament

Another cute accent that you can add on your Christmas tree is the yellow submarine Christmas ornament. This ornament is handcrafted and designed with glitters for a glowing effect. It is made from molten glass and crafted in an age-old tradition with techniques that originated in the 1800s. This is a cute addition to your Christmas tree.

Click here for the yellow submarine Christmas ornament

13. Beatles Yellow Submarine Christmas Ornament

If you are a fan of The Beatles, then you will surely love this sculpted Beatles yellow submarine Christmas ornament. It is made from hand-painted resin with a cold cord for easy hanging. The ornament features John, Paul, George, and Ringo on a yellow submarine. It is also a thoughtful gift that you can give to friends and family members who are a fan of the Beatles.

Click here for the Beatles yellow submarine Christmas ornament

14. Yellow Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings are the classic decoration that people still hang until today. For your yellow Christmas theme, hang a yellow faux fur Christmas stocking on your fireplace mantle. It is 16 inches tall and has white trimmings on top. You can fill it with small gifts, candies, and chocolates.

Click here for the yellow Christmas Stocking

✅ Video Tutorial

You can also create a Christmas stocking that you can hang in your home. Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to create a Christmas stocking using simple materials.

15. Yellow Lab Christmas Stocking

Dog lovers will surely love this yellow lab Christmas stocking. It features a yellow Labrador retriever wearing a Santa Claus Christmas hat. It is made from 100% wool with a needlepoint stocking front. You can fill it with dog treats and goodies for your fur babies.

Click here for the yellow lab Christmas stocking

16. Yellow Christmas Cactus

A great outdoor decoration would be the yellow Christmas cactus. It is a flower variety that is easy to grow. You can plant then around your lawn or near your porch. The cactus can also be placed in a customized pot. They grow all throughout the year and are easy to maintain.

Click here for the yellow Christmas cactus

17. Yellow Christmas Balls

Hang yellow Christmas balls on your tree for a bright and glowing effect. The balls are crafted from molten glass for a stylish and seamless design that enhances their beauty. They come in a set of 8 pieces. You can also use the balls to decorate your outdoor Christmas tree.

Click here for the yellow Christmas balls

18. Yellow Christmas Decorations

The sun clings chandelier icicle crystals are a great Christmas tree ornament. They are made of excellent quality clear glass. The rainbow crystal prism reflects lights. Hang them near the Christmas lights to create a glowing display. They come with silver bow tie connectors.

Click here for the yellow icicle crystals Christmas decorations

19. Yellow Lab Christmas

This yellow lab Christmas ball ornament is a great decoration for dog owners. It is a high-quality shatterproof ornament that features a realistic Labrador face. It is the perfect holiday decoration and you can also give this as a gift to your fellow dog lovers. You can personalize the balls by adding bows and glitters.

Click here for the yellow lab Christmas ball

20. Yellow Christmas Star

These warm yellow Christmas lights are shaped like a star. The lights are battery powered and have 2 lighting modes to choose from which are flashing and steady on. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration. Hand them on trees or in your rooftop for a stunning display.

Click here for the Yellow star Christmas lights

✅ Video Tutorial

Watch the video below to learn how to create a star Christmas tree topper made from origami paper.

21. Yellow Ugly Christmas Sweater

The 3D printed Christmas pullover is made from polyester and spandex. It is unisex and the colors will not fade. You can wear this at your Christmas party or a get together with friends and family members. It is comfortable to wear and is definitely eye-catching.

Click here for the yellow ugly Christmas sweater

The End

You have reached the end of this post that tackles yellow Christmas decorating ideas. The color yellow will brighten up the look of your property. There are many yellow Christmas decorations that you can choose from. Do not be afraid to unleash your creativity this Christmas. Create a masterpiece out of yellow Christmas ornaments. Thank you for reading and have a happy holiday!

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